Combine Multiple Internet Connections


Why Combine Internet Connections?

Without question, it's extremely important for any organization to utilize connectivity options by combining their Internet connections. In general, the term "combine internet connections" is used in a broad sense and can be used in relation to a couple of different scenarios. First, access to internal organizational resources like a CRM, ERP, web server and mail server is permitted from multiple Internet connections that all operate at the same time in a seamlessly easy manner. When you combine Internet connections, you will be provided with redundancy and maximized utilization when it comes to available Internet connections. Although the Internet connections are not actually combined together, each connection will work together simultaneously in order to achieve optimal connectivity output. Second, when you combine Internet connections, organizational users are divided into groups that receive bandwidth from a predefined Internet Link. For instance, if your organization has 1,000 users with 4 separate Internet Links from different service providers in order to achieve redundancy, a predetermined number of users will be grouped into the different links. At this point failover settings will be defined on a group level so that if one of the links goes down, a specific group will still have Internet access from one of the other links.

We Combine Internet Connections for Optimal Results

Providing all of our clients with a unique way to connect to the Internet, we are here to provide your organization with a new approach to redundancy and failover. By utilizing our connectivity solution, your business will never be faced with a lost Internet connection again. By separating all of your employees into different groups that are assigned to specific Internet Links with QoS (Quality of Service), if necessary, connectivity failover will be done without users even noticing. Understanding that your business operation strongly depends on being connected to the Internet, Nebero systems ensures that any connectivity issue that you may be experiencing are minimized at all costs and at all times. When we combine Internet connections, switchovers and reversals can be performed automatically through configurations that are set by the Network Administrator. In addition, Email and SMS alerts can be set for Internet link changeovers or state change from both working to non-working and non-working to working. As the industry leader in redundancy and failover, we guarantee to protect your Internet connection regardless of why connectivity has been lost.
In order to cater to various business types and requirements, we offer a combination of 2,4, 8 and up to 16 multiple Internet connections. The Nebero variants - Basic, Standard, Premium and Enterprise are available to handle these loads and provide optimal utilization of Internet resources and an increased return on investments. With the usage of multiple Internet connection features, our clients have confirmed an 80% increase in Internet performance satisfaction and a 65% enhanced utilization rate of back-up Internet links.