Web Content Filtering

The Significance of Web Content Filtering

Adding an important level of security protection to your organizations network, web content filtering is a crucial component that provides remote user security, video content controls and detailed content related reporting. Because there is a long list of specific security risks that are associated with the Internet, like spyware, malware, Trojans, viruses and spam, it's extremely important for your business to utilize a state-of-the-art web filter that will prevent unwanted, improper content from entering your system. By policing specific content that is based on configured rule sets, you will be ensured that all of your organizational regulations are being followed. With web content filtering that is able to identify and examine every piece of material that is attempting to gain access to your network, you will be able to maximize job workloads and user performance. Whether it's an existing malicious website or a brand new one, this specialized software will work continuously to block content access, while also stopping restricted users from accessing certain Internet based applications that may contain harmful content. Possessing a wide range of different benefits, like reduced privacy concerns, data leakage prevention and full compatibility with other protective software's, web content filtering will ensure that your organizations network is secure at all times.

Web Content Filtering with Nebero Systems

By providing your organization with filtering capabilities that can be fully integrated with other important software's, like anti-virus protection and anti-spam security, Nebero Systems brings you a unique filter that uses more than 10 million more relevant and current websites that are spread out over 50 different categories. Because our world-class software incorporates a wide range of different categories, we have made it possible to identify every piece of potentially harmful content on the Internet. Not only that, but our web content filtering program can be fully customized to fit all of your organizations exact needs. Allowing you to block any HTTPS or HTTP website with our specialized SSL Bump methodology, Nebero Systems has made it possible for your business to receive complete network security. Our one of a kind content filtering software incorporates an innovative keyword identification mechanism that is used to enable critical regular expression matching processes. This will allow for a maximized response handling when it comes to both new and future websites. Whether you have one specific office based network, a wireless network that allows remote access, or both, the web content filtering software by Nebero Systems is perfect for any organization.