Intrusion Detection Software

Protecting Your Network with Intrusion Detection Software

Intrusion detection software is a specialized security program that is specifically designed to prevent restricted users and content from accessing your organizations network. Different than anti-spyware or anti-spam software, intrusion detection software is one of the main components that provide complete network and Internet security. Because it provides security to an entire system, this specialized software will examine network packets for complete purpose information instead of just specific areas. By inspecting all network packets, intrusion detection software is able to identify specific ways that data and information is transferred on the Internet. Once the informational transfer methods have been examined, this protective measure will be able to determine if your network is at risk. If it has been determined that the means of data transfer are harmful to your system and applications, the intrusion detection software will stop the specific from entering your organizations network. Also, providing certain advantages over different firewalls, this specialized software is able to identify particular attacks that attempt to exploit specific codes that can be transferred to your memory. Intrusion detection software is able to identify these types of attacks and release the packet before your network is harmed.

The Nebero Systems Intrusion Detection Software

Completely understanding the importance of maintaining your networks security, we have been able to recreate our intrusion detection software to protect all of your important data and applications like never before. Unlike other solution providers that are not able to examine certain levels and packets, our elite software is able to identify each potentially harmful intrusion that is trying to enter your network. Because we are the industry leader in software protection options, you will be completely amazed at how effective and efficient our detection software is. By conducting deep, network packet inspections, Nebero Systems will ensure that none of your system codes are exploited or manipulated to allow dangerous intrusions. After our software has inspected all transfer methods, any potentially hazardous packet will be immediately dropped to ensure that no harmful intrusions enter your network. Through this process, Nebero Systems is able to provide maximized security protection and intrusion detection to your organization.