Proxy Firewall

The Need for a Proxy Firewall

With a variety of different firewalls available, it's extremely important to fully understand the distinct differences between each type. When it comes to a proxy firewall, a direct connection from a client to the Internet cannot be made. By utilizing this firewall option, your network will be provided with a specified level of security to ensure that important business files and data are protected at all times. Through a proxy firewall, a client will never be able to communicate directly with Internet servers or services. Instead, a separate connection is created from a proxy server to Internet servers, which is requested directly by the client node to the proxy server. When a proxy firewall creates this connection, each individual user request will create two separate connections. The first connection is from the user to the proxy, while the second connection is from the proxy to the Internet servers or services. With a heightened level of control, a proxy firewall is ideal for any organization that requires additional protection from unwanted network threats.

Our State-Of-The-Art Proxy Firewall

At Nebero systems, our main goal is to provide your organization with maximized network protection. One of the main ways that we are able to achieve this goal is through our world-class proxy firewall. Used to provide your organization with an added level of security, this particular firewall will not allow a direct connection from a client to the Internet to be made. This is extremely important for any business that wishes to have enhanced security for their important operational procedures, information and data. With our proxy firewall, your clients will never be able to directly access your Internet servers. As an alternative option, a connection will be established from a proxy server to the Internet services. This process will be initiated by a designated client node to the proxy server. Through the connection that a firewall creates, all user requests will establish two individual connections. There's no question, by utilizing our advanced proxy firewall, along with an Intrusion Prevention and Detection system, your organization will be protected from harmful Internet based intrusions at all times.

Advantages of a Proxy Firewall

Unlike certain firewalls, a proxy firewall is able to provide additional protection to your organization from harmful Internet based attacks. With a proxy firewall, your organization will never be susceptible to having a direct connection between a client and the Internet. Some of the other advantages that a proxy firewall will provide include:

  • An increased level of Internet control.
  • Separate connections between an organization, client and Internet.
  • User requests establish two different protective connections.
  • Enhanced security measures against unwanted Internet intrusions.