Software Firewall

The Necessities of a Software Firewall

Adding an extra layer of protection to both organizational systems and individual computer's, a software firewall is essential to help prevent hackers, BOT attacks and other types of malicious software from entering your company's network. By utilizing effective firewall software, your organization will be continually protected against viruses, Trojans, phishing and spyware. Additionally, this specialized type of firewall security system will stop unwanted attacks, at the network gateway level, from accessing important company information, while continually blocking harmful data and information from coming in contact with your systems network. Typically, a software firewall program will incorporate important security aspects like anti-spam, anti-virus, next generation firewall, Unified Threat Management, web filter and other critical components of network security.

The Nebero Systems Software Firewall

Our world-class software firewall incorporates critical security measures like the Nebero Systems UTM, anti-virus, anti-spam, bandwidth management and web filtering. Because we include some extremely important security components with our specialized firewall program, we are able to offer your organization continual network protection at all times. Through our 7-layered security protection that starts at the network gateway level, your company will never again be exposed to harmful system intrusions like BOT attacks, viruses, Trojans, spyware, phishing and other malicious network attacks. In addition, with the Nebero Systems firewall software, a perimeter network or DMZ is supported to allow for maximum network protection when it comes to application servers, mail server, ERP programs or any other enterprise application. This will offer optimal protection against both internal and external network threats.

Advantages of Firewall Software

Because a software firewall is extremely important to the overall protection of an organizations network, there are many benefits that this type of protection can provide. Ranging from continuous firewall security to individual, specialized programs, our 7-layered software firewall will begin protecting you at the network gateway level and continue through each additional layer. Some of the other benefits that a firewall software program offers are:

  • Multi-dimensional network protection.
  • Continual network protection starting at the gateway level.
  • Maximum security for ERP systems and enterprise applications.
  • 7-layered security.
  • Protection against BOT attacks, Trojans, viruses, spyware, phishing and other malicious network attacks.