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Virtual Private Network
Secure Office to Office &
User to Office VPN
Comprehensive Reports
User/Website Reports
Bandwidth Graphs
Active Directory & SSO
Integrate with AD Users
Single Sign On
Enhanced Web Filtering
Block site by Categories
Block word/site/url
Bandwidth Management
Fair Bandwidth Division
Protocol QoS Shaping
What is Nebero ?

Nebero is a complete Gateway Internet Protection Suite, that comes with integrated solutions like, Stateful Firewall, Asynchronous Bandwidth Management, Single Sign on with Active Directory (AD), robust Intrusion Detection System (IDS) as well as Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), 256-bit SSL Virtual Private Networking with Site-to-Site VPN capabilities, Gateway Level Antivirus & Antispam, Load Balancing with Failover, Content Filtering and Extensive Reporting.

Nebero is a soft UTM based on Debian, which is known worldwide for its security and stability.