Intrusion Prevention System – Foremost Protection To Your Network

An intrusion detection system is a perfect passive security solution that is especially designed to monitor all inbound and outbound network activity.Undoubtedly its basic function is to identify any suspicious patterns that may indicate a network or system attack from an unidentified object attempting to break into or compromise a system.

Intrusion detection system as name implies is designed to block illegal access, unauthorized entry by third person or to deny leakage of any crucial information from your system. Firewall protection helps in decrypting random information that travels through different domains online. The best part of getting the protection of intrusion detection system is how it creates a network of address translation that helps protecting the identity behind private address, which can be utilized by proxies to help corrupt information online. It is important to regulate installing firewall protection system for better traffic online. Since conventional users are vulnerable to threats on large number, any unseen damage done to your system can be dangerous.

An intrusion prevention system is considered to be a passive monitoring system the reasons are:

  • An IDS product warns you of suspicious activity taking place of course not to prevent them.
  • It essentially reviews your network traffic and data and identifies probes, attacks, exploits and other vulnerabilities.
  • It can respond to the suspicious event in one of several ways which includes displaying an alert, logging the event or even paging the administrator.
  • It identifies any suspicious activity or events which is the result of a virus, worm or hacker and is done by looking for known intrusion signatures or attack signatures.
  • The intrusion signatures characterize different worms or viruses and track the general differences which vary from regular system activity.

Basically Intrusion detection system is a type of security management that provides and manages online security for computers and networks. It collects and researches information from various areas within a computer or a network to locate possible security breaches including both intrusions - attacks from outside the organization and misuse. Vulnerability assessment is is termed as scanning and it integrates technology designed to monitor the security of a computer system or network.

Intrusion detection system works to:

  • Review and analyze user and system activities
  • Investigate system configurations and vulnerabilities
  • Assess system and file integrity
  • Detect and prevent network intrusions
  • Adopt role antivirus, anti spyware management
  • Recognize patterns typical of attacks
  • Check abnormal activity patterns
  • Track user policy violations

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) are the network security appliances that monitor the network or the activities of the computer. The supreme functions of an IDPS are to identify the malicious activities, log or extract information about the activities, attempt to block or stop them and report the activities.

Every day many people come across many security threats that hinder their normal online activities and cause lots of destruction and losses. To overcome this situation our computer and networks are fortified with the help of the intrusion prevention systems.Therefore with the help of the Nebero Intrusion Detection & Prevention System, your cyber security issues can be easily handled like the breaches of the security policy by the computer user.

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