Bandwidth Management – An Integrated Approach for Network Resources

Managing Internet bandwidth efficiently is a top-of-mind concern for many network engineers today. With increasing bandwidth demand, network professionals are constantly looking to optimize network resources, ensure adequate bandwidth, and deliver high performance. With limited budgets and the pressure to reduce IT costs, solving this problem by buying more bandwidth is often not a priority or an option. However, measures can be taken to effectively manage the existing network while improving and then maintaining optimal performance.
To ensure network performance, the network engineer must have full visibility into all activity occurring on the network – especially with user/application interaction – and how it is impacting bandwidth and availability. With this insight, network professionals can analyse utilization, maintain control, and meet the expected service level quality.

Bandwidth is extremely precious for service providers and enterprise networks. To control increasingly serious abuse of bandwidth and utilize network bandwidth resources more reasonably, some bandwidth solutions were introduced.

Challenges for Enterprise Bandwidth Management

The only way to address challenges is by having a very strong enterprise wide bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis tool.

  • Ensuring strong network connectivity and bandwidth availability at all times
  • Ensuring optimal bandwidth for critical applications
  • Quickly troubleshooting any network incidents
  • Capacity planning managed accurately
  • Ensuring the quality of the service delivered by the ISP is in line

Quality of Service (QoS) and Bandwidth Management are techniques used to prioritize network traffic. Using QoS and Bandwidth Management, administrators can control network traffic flow so that the appropriate users, groups, or applications receive the proper network resource. It has the capability of increasing the efficiency of your network. In short, bandwidth management software is the best way to reduce your costs and gives you a profitable business, as you will have more control over the bandwidth usage and your network

Business benefits of Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth management controls allow for more effective and manageable bandwidth network usage for your organization. Through actually seeing how your organizations bandwidth is being used and having the ability to control usage directly contains a wide range of different benefits including:

  • Limit abusers bandwidth when using unwanted protocols.
  • Give different users and groups different bandwidth usage rights.
  • Give important servers and services bandwidth reservations.
  • Track and monitor bandwidth usage and bandwidth abusers.
  • Diagnose bandwidth-related network slow-downs.
  • Assign per-user and per-application quotas.
  • Restricts hosts to certain hourly/daily/weekly bandwidth quotas
  • Limit unauthorized network usage.

Nebero Systems has quickly become one of the most sought after software and hardware appliance providers in the entire industry. With our easy to use web based console, we are continually available to determine specific bandwidth architectures in order to break up accessible bandwidth between various protocols, applications, departments and users. Nebero utilizes effective asynchronous bandwidth management algorithms that are used to create both shared and isolated bandwidth groups in order to achieve optimal use.

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