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Part 1: Understanding difference between Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Let us first understand definitions generally adopted by industry to differentiate both the terminologies – as per Gartner, Unified threat management (UTM) is a converged platform of point security products, particularly suited to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Typical feature sets fall into three main subsets - firewall/intrusion prevention system (IPS)/virtual private network, secure Web gateway security (URL filtering, Web antivirus ) ...
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Going Green with Nebero UTM

With today's constant environmental threats and growing concerns with global warming, we strongly believe in protecting the environment at all costs. This is where our unique "Go Green" approach comes into full effect. With the thought process of going green, the Nebero Systems software UTM is perfect for different organization that genuinely care about saving and protecting the environment. Our unique and unprecedented approach allows for a ...
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Nebero High Availability Cluster

Utilized in certain organizational networks that regularly encounter 3,000 or more online users, the Nebero cluster has been perfected to benefit a wide range of different enterprises. With multiple implementations done at different points within Layer 3 of your network, Nebero Systems is able to provide a centralized authentication process and management console in order to prevent single point failure. This is extremely important when it ...
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