Monthly Archives: September 2015

Safeguard Your Business with Data Leak Prevention

Data leak prevention is a huge and complicated subject. Every organization holds some sort of sensitive data in the form of customer records, client information, confidential business ideas, health and financial records, or intellectual property. Therefore, it is invariably expected out of them to safeguard this vital data or information. Organizations need to take remedial steps in expressing optimum control over their data. They need to be ...
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Secure your Internet communication with VPN

In this era of fast moving technological innovations and development, one area that has lag and yet unable to match feet with the pace is online security. Though we have opportunity to go online while on the move, we don't have surety just how secure we are. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a tool that can be used for both personal and business means. It acts by establishing a secure network, though the creation of a virtual tunnel that's ...
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