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Web Application Firewall for Next Generation Threats

Because of the drastic increase in potential network threats, the need for a network based application firewall has never been more necessary. An application firewall is a specific type of firewall that manages network access that is transmitted to or from a particular application. This specific type of firewall is essential when it comes to monitoring and blocking access to an organizations network that does not meet the predetermined firewall qualifications. By filtering and blocking different content and user access that does not match a designated network rule set, your organizational applications will be continually protected against unwanted threats and malicious attacks. With a wide range of potential network threats, a web application firewall is able to have its rule set defined to be as detailed as necessary. Generally, the extent of an application firewalls rule set is based on your business type and the services that you offer.

Our Web Application Firewall

As the industry's premiere application firewall provider, we are able to ensure that each one of your important organizational applications are protected at all times. Allowing network administrators to have complete control over managing and configuring specific firewall rules and regulations, you will be able to determine the exactly what is being filtered or blocked by our world-class software. Because your business applications will have certain limitations, you will be protected from unwanted viruses, network intrusions, Trojans and other malicious attacks. With our one-of-a-kind application based firewall, you no longer are required to have hardware appliances in order to function properly. By providing your organization with a software that is scalable, this solution is ideal for all small, medium and large sized businesses. Fully understanding the importance of making sure that your network applications are always protected, the Nebero Systems web application firewall has been developed to help keep your company safe at all times.

The Benefits of an Application Firewall

Because organizations are now depending on virtualization and web based technologies more than ever, the immediate need for network solutions, like an application firewall, is stronger than ever. Regardless of the size of your business operation, there are a variety of different advantages that an application firewall can provide including:

  • The ability to configure specific rule sets
  • Complete control of firewall policies
  • Unlimited application security
  • Scalable solutions that are ideal for all organizations
  • Hardware appliances that are no longer required

A few of the additional benefits that the Nebero web application firewall provides includes:

  • Proactive protections against reactive security
  • Advanced SSL traffic performance standards
  • Optimal security against both unknown and know web application attacks
  • Specialized assurance that web applications are being utilized exactly as they should be
  • Secures the web application processing of delicate information within industries like healthcare, government, financial services and e-commerce
  • Stops the manipulation of malicious actions on the internet

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