Data Leak Prevention

Data Leak Prevention

Over the past 10 years, businesses have become extremely dependent on digital information in order to meet specific organizational goals. Regardless of the workday, there is always a constant stream of information being utilized in a business operation. Whether it's the information that's required to conduct business or to maintain effective business relationships, the data that continually circulates through an operation might just be the most important part of any organization. Because company related data can travel in a variety of different forms, like word processed documents, emails, database specific files, spreadsheets and Instant Messages, it's important to protect your information at all costs. When it comes to ensuring that your organizational information is continually protected, a data leak prevention program must be utilized. Data leak prevention software will provide optimal protection starting at the network gateway level and expanding to each additional layer of the security system.

The Nebero Approach to Data Leak Prevention

By utilizing industry leading data leak prevention solution based on open source platform, all of your important business information and data will be continually protected at all times. Nebero Systems is able to implement our world-class solution by incorporating deep packet inspections within an intrusion prevention system. Providing a 7-layered security protection solution, we are able to consistently stop important business specific information, private customer data and critical operational material from being leaked. Through a combination of our unified threat management software and next generation firewall, our data leak prevention software will administer data transfers, file uploads, email processes and application transfers. Without question, our unique, revolutionary solution will ensure that all of your crucial organizational data will never be exposed to outside forces that try to access operational information. As files with designated extensions or content types are blocked with the Nebero data leak prevention solution, they are dismissed from your network regardless of their specific protocol. Although we don't want to be too technical, it's important to know that we conduct an in-depth MD5 checksum calculation on every file that enters your organizations network. By defining a list of important files, content characteristics and a MD5 checksum, we can prevent data leakage at all costs.

Data Leak Prevention Benefits

With a long list of beneficial advantages, the Nebero Systems data leak prevention solution will ensure that your organizations information is never vulnerable to unwanted threats. Below is a list of the biggest advantages that we provide your organization:

  • Complete, 24/7 support.
  • Managing all network traffic, while continually blocking crucial data from being leaked.
  • Maintaining compliance standards, including the prevention of important financial, customer and pricing information from being leaked.
  • Extensive reporting and monitoring abilities.