Safeguard Your Business with Data Leak Prevention

Data leak prevention is a huge and complicated subject. Every organization holds some sort of sensitive data in the form of customer records, client information, confidential business ideas, health and financial records, or intellectual property. Therefore, it is invariably expected out of them to safeguard this vital data or information.

Organizations need to take remedial steps in expressing optimum control over their data. They need to be aware that who all, and under what circumstances, enjoy the privilege to access it, that too to which extent. It is the responsibility of management to collaborate with IT pros and take suitable data leakage prevention measures. They need to collaborate in deploying respective security resources at appropriate locations in the security system.

Defining Data Leak Prevention(DLP)

Most Data Leak Prevention solutions include a suite of technologies that facilitates three key objectives:

  • Locate and catalog sensitive information stored throughout the enterprise
  • Monitor and control the movement of sensitive information across enterprise networks
  • Monitor and control the movement of sensitive information on end-user systems

Enterprises should strongly consider implementing DLP first in a monitoring-only mode. This will allow the system to be tuned and predict the impacts to business processes and the organizational culture. Allowing system driven alerts to build awareness and to initiate behavioural changes that is generally a better approach than to block traffic flows and potentially derail business processes.

The Data leak Prevention solution should be closely monitored and periodic risk, compliance and privacy reports should be provided for appropriate stakeholders (e.g., risk management, compliance management, privacy team and human resources).

The Business Benefits of Data Leak Prevention

As with any set of security controls, the implementation of DLP should support business objectives and provide a tangible benefit to the business. The following are some of the benefits of a well implemented DLP solution:

  • Protect critical business data and intellectual property
  • Improve compliance
  • Reduce data breach risk
  • Improve business processes
  • Optimize disk space and network bandwidth

An enterprise’s information can be among its most valuable assets. DLP solutions offer a multifaceted capability to significantly increase an enterprise’s ability to manage risks to its key information assets. However, these solutions can be complex and prone to disrupt other processes and organizational culture if improperly or hurriedly implemented. Careful planning and preparation, communication and awareness training are paramount in deploying a successful DLP program.

Nebero Systems data leak prevention solution will ensure that your organizations information is never vulnerable to unwanted threats and malwares.

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