Next Generation Firewall – The Eventual Cyber Security Tool

There have been many opinions in solving IT security related problems. All the problem solving solutions point towards the need of a more updated infrastructure. Data security and lowering the risk of attack are the two worries that a business always deals with and firewalls provide a solution to these challenges. As businesses grow, need for additional layer of security also increases and therefore a need for Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) was most pertinent. Their requirement was even more justified because a situation was being created when old security is insufficient. Introduction to this new set-up is a challenge that any IT department might face.

Various infected applications and programs when installed, activate the virus, trojans, malware, adware that ends up infecting the system. The advance next generation series firewall is mainly used for identifying and controlling the malware, virus and to prevent any blended threats. These are the basic reasons for why this firewall must be used. The old traditional firewall were not much stronger to provide the application control or visibility. However, the advance firewalls designed today will enable end-user to reduce vulnerabilities, achieve web transparency, manage bandwidth and improve the network performance. They further help in preventing leakages and stopping the threats unlike the traditional methods.

Why Next Generation Firewall?

Next Genation Firewall (NGFW) has been designed and developed to combat the most sophisticated attacks through security policies at application, port and protocol level. It can be both hardware and software based. Organizations can choose their technical specifications to meet the requirements. However, it is important that they choose wisely for maximum security.

Advantages of firewall combating threats in today's real world:

  • Total Network Visibility: This technology lets you have passive, real-time visibility of hosts, applications, operating systems, users, content, attacks, and everything.
  • Control without Compromise: NGFW offer world class prevention due to the granular application and URL access control down to individual user.
  • Intelligent Security Automation: This advance firewall offer automatic and more administrative functions.
  • Unparalleled Performance: Along with protection, network performance is amazingly preserved by NGFW.

New generation firewalls perform application level monitoring, intrusion detection as well as security functions and are gaining pace at the enterprise perimeter. The different security services of the Next Generation Firewall operate together to offer higher level of security.

With enhanced security and protection, the organizations will not only be able to focus more on its business but it will pave the way for better bottomline of the cost center. Lesser threats and stronger security will only ensure that you focus more on other key areas of business. Now with the availability of selected specifications, the owner of an organization can choose from various options. The internet is flooded with information nowadays, and you can avail information as well as services online.

Getting Nebero Next Generation Firewall gives you controls that offer complete security, application visibility , Intrusion Prevention System, website filtering, Secure VPN and bandwidth controls. Additional security features like Web Application Firewall, Gateway Anti-Virus, Gateway Anti-Spam, and more, are also available. Moreover, Nebero Firewall extensible Security Architecture helps enterprises tackle unknown threats of the future by offering advance security features and enhancements.

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