Why Gateway Anti-Virus Essential for your Business

Keeping corporate networks safe is more challenging every year, and network security has become one of the most critical issues faced by businesses today. New and ever-changing threats appear with alarming regularity, and no organization is immune from risk. Computer viruses are a force to be reckoned with for any network administrator. These malicious programs and scripts cause all network costs worth of damages to corporations in lost ...
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Safeguard Internet surfing with Web Filtering Software

As the name implies, web filters are computer programs that allow you to screen and block web sites that you seem inappropriate. Blocking access to unwanted web sites and content can be described as a number of things such as web filtering, content filtering and information filtering. There are a number of software programmes in the market today that filter web site requests before delivering you the response. This web filtering technique is ...
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Comprehensive protection with Web Application Firewall

Web applications have increased the speed and accessibility to business information for an organization’s customers, partners and employees. And at the same time, delivering tangible savings. Business applications for accounting, collaboration, customer relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), content management, online banking, E-commerce, and many more, are all available on the Web...and all of them house valuable, ...
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