Why Gateway Anti-Virus Essential for your Business

Keeping corporate networks safe is more challenging every year, and network security has become one of the most critical issues faced by businesses today. New and ever-changing threats appear with alarming regularity, and no organization is immune from risk.

Computer viruses are a force to be reckoned with for any network administrator. These malicious programs and scripts cause all network costs worth of damages to corporations in lost productivity and damages. Unfortunately, viruses are fact of life in today's computing environment, and they are becoming more and more common and more sophisticated.

Stops Attacks at the Network Gateway

The multi-layered security approach offered by Unified Threat Management (UTM) lets you turns away sudden damage by blocking a broad range of network threats before they have the opportunity to enter your network. Malicious code will not have the opportunity to disable security at the desktop or server level, and business-critical files and applications remain available to the users.

Gateway – Anti-Virus Protection

Gateway Anti-Virus delivers real-time virus protection directly on the network security system by using IPS - Deep Packet Inspection to inspect all traffic that traverses through the gateway. This gateway anti-virus solution scans email and web traffic at the gateway level to block malicious threats from entering the network. It offers real-time protection against all spyware, including viruses, worms, backdoors, trojans, keyloggers and more. In association with intrusion prevention system and content filtering, it offers protection to remote offices of the enterprise.

Gateway Anti-Virus Capabilities

Identifies and blocks worms, spyware, and trojans within email attachments, stopping threats from entering or exiting your network and executing dangerous payloads. Gateway Anti Virus be used in conjunction with desktop anti-virus as it provides benefits like:

  • Efficiency– The Gateway Anti-virus service only scans files not blocked by the deep application inspection and pattern-matching capabilities, greatly reducing the number of files that require scanning
  • More Granular Control- Gateway AntiVirus finds viruses in file types that are allowed by deep application inspection, such as .zip, .doc, etc.
  • Threat Intelligence- Delivers up-to-date information on malicious web activity based on data collected from millions of active sites around the globe.
  • Signature-based anti-virus- Detects and blocks known viruses.
  • URL filtering- Whitelist/blacklist specific websites.
  • URL classification- Assign websites to specific categories (gambling, adult, business, and others), so they can be blocked where appropriate.
  • Media filtering- Examine and block multiple types of media files (GIF, JPEG, and others).
  • Application controls- Block or restrict application-specific functions (for example, allow Facebook access, but block Facebook Chat).
  • HTTPS scanning- Decrypt and examine inbound payloads inside encrypted HTTPS traffic. This can also be leveraged for application controls.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)- Prevent filtration of sensitive data (for example, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, personal healthcare data, and others).
  • File encryption- Enforce encryption of files being uploaded to external file-sharing sites (for example, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others).

Unified Threat Management solutions brings with it a level of protection never before available to corporate networks. As sophisticated network threats appear with increasing frequency, this integrated, layered security approach, signature-based services, and URL-based filtering, provides the strongest one-stop protection for any growing network infrastructure.

Nebero is dedicated to helping businesses and consumers with stay one step ahead of attackers by developing technologies like Unified Threat Management with innovative capabilities like Gate Anti-virus that protects your computers and servers.

Posted on November 20, 2015 at 4:08 pm

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