Safeguard Internet surfing with Web Filtering Software

As the name implies, web filters are computer programs that allow you to screen and block web sites that you seem inappropriate. Blocking access to unwanted web sites and content can be described as a number of things such as web filtering, content filtering and information filtering. There are a number of software programmes in the market today that filter web site requests before delivering you the response. This web filtering technique is mostly used by businesses, educational institutions, government and similar organizations.

Web filtering software is basically used in monitoring either an individual end user or a group of computers and prevents from downloading any illegal or proprietary content. By having this kind of software in your network you are offering additional layer of protection.

Why web filter is required?

Web filtering is the most widely used tool to protect against exposure to inappropriate material on the Internet. Web filter has capability to limit the user from surfing unauthorized content, adult sites, advertisements or promotional material, spyware websites and many more available categories on the web.

With a web filtering software HTTP and FTP requests are also scanned for viruses and spyware, allowing your business to feel secure as threats are stopped before they reach your network. It also stops the downloading of proprietary music, applications and videos meaning there is no burden on internal systems and more available bandwidth.

Many businesses will simply argue that the ability to restrict access to suspicious or malicious web sites is imperative to network security. Companies have an obligation to prevent access to offensive materials, but also need to be concerned with blocking access to malicious sites that may download malicious software, exploit vulnerabilities, host a phishing attack, or pose some other security threat to the network. Businesses need web filtering for:

  • Protection against web based threats
  • Protection from inappropriate or illegal web content download
  • Restriction of personal web access
  • Complete peace of mind
  • Reduced risk of illegal content entering networks
  • Optimal bandwidth use
  • Improved performance for legitimate Internet access

Web filtering allows you to take control, you decide what content the computers in your network can access and what they can't, dependent on what your organization is about and what its needs are, making it a very flexible piece of software.

Features of the web filter :

  • As part of UTM saves bandwidth consumption for planned and intended use.
  • Reduces the risk of unauthorized transactions and communication of sensitive data.
  • Increases productivity by reducing non productive internet usage.
  • Web filtering gives administrators ability to monitor, block, or allow access to over millions of site organized within different categories.
  • It is entirely customizable and controlled by the person who has access over its password.
  • Monitoring software allows blocking bandwidth guzzling programs.
  • Easy and hassle-free process to monitor the activity.
  • Organizational legal liability is protected.
  • Reduces both intentional and accidental bypass by stopping dangerous websites from being populated in website search results.

Nebero UTM software provides advance monitoring including web filtering and management capabilities allowing you to enhance productivity and protect resources.

Posted on October 30, 2015 at 4:12 pm

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